The MEN and WOMEN divisions are self explanatory, these models have been scouted and are either signed to a modelling agency or are just about to be, they are the right age, they have been runway trained, casting trained and have tested with professional fashion photographers to begin building their model books. They have been fully developed and are ready to begin working.

The WATCHLIST section are those we put on our personal “watch list” at this point they are not ready to be signed to a modelling agency, but there is interest, they are showing signs of the right attributes, but at this stage they are too young, and are still growing and changing.

Provided they continue to develop in the right vein, and we feel they have reached the right age, height and level of maturity, we begin training them and continue to do so until they are fully developed and ready to be signed to a modelling agency and be moved into our MENS and WOMENS divisions.